About Us

A U.S. Department of Education State Personnel Development Grant supports statewide capacity building for NJTSS-ER via a partnership between the New Jersey Department of Education and Rutgers University.


Luiz Pereira, Ed.M., NJTSS-ER Project Director, is Director of the Office of Student Services for the New Jersey Department of Education. With experience facilitating interdivisional efforts to advance NJTSS, he is responsible for overall project leadership, budget oversight, and district/school involvement in multi-level professional development supports.

Todd A. Glover, Ph.D., Director of Professional Development, is a Research Professor in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. As the Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI of numerous large-scale grants focused on integrating student supports in schools, Dr. Glover is responsible for the conceptualization of the NJTSS-ER framework and implementation of multi-level professional development (including systems coaching) to build capacity for its implementation.

Statewide Leadership Support

New Jersey Department of Education

Stephanie Osgoodby, M.A., is the NJTSS Supervisor in the Office of Student Services for the New Jersey Department of Education. With school district-level experience facilitating MTSS implementation, she is responsible for the statewide scaling and integration of the New Jersey Tiered System of Supports (NJTSS).

Rutgers University

Jennifer Bender, M.Ed., is a State-Level NJTSS-ER Trainer/Coach. A former elementary teacher, master mentor language arts coach, and school district consultant, she has extensive experience teaching and guiding professionals in implementing early literacy instruction and intervention. In her current role, she is a leader in conceptualizing and implementing consultation for district and school leaders in the implementation of NJTSS-ER.

Shana Lewis is a State-Level NJTSS-ER Trainer/Coach. As a former elementary classroom teacher, Orton Gillingham-trained interventionist, curriculum supervisor, and master mentor teacher, she maintains significant experience in the area of early literacy. In her current role, she is instrumental in managing online resources and providing guidance and training to districts in the use of data to differentiate instruction to meet students’ individual needs.

Cynthia Mackowicz, M.Ed., Project Manager and Lead State-Level MTSS Trainer/Coach, is responsible for managing and leading the Rutgers-based teams’ training/coaching and implementation support activities. With extensive experience as a curriculum developer (Vice President of Publishing), teacher/interventionist for students with reading difficulties/disabilities, and trainer/coach for district and school leaders throughout New Jersey, she is a leader in advancing multi-tiered reading assessment and intervention practices to support students at risk.

Gina Mazzariello, M.S. Ed., is a State-Level NJTSS-ER Trainer/Coach. With extensive experience as a classroom teacher, reading interventionist, literacy coach, and manager of a large-scale model demonstration project on data-driven early reading intervention, she is instrumental in conceptualizing and providing consultation/coaching for district- and school-level educators in integrating a multi-tiered system of early reading supports.

Deborah Lynam, M.A., is a graduate assistant with extensive experience developing and providing training in early literacy instruction. Currently pursuing a graduate degree in Childhood Studies at Rutgers University-Camden, she works with the leadership support team to help conceptualize and develop online training courses for building capacity in NJTSS implementation.

Online Training Module Development

Alison Pankowski, M.Ed., is an online learning consultant with substantial early literacy instructional knowledge and experience. Given her work as an interventionist working directly with students, she assists with developing materials and video modules used for online training.