Training Opportunities

To facilitate implementation of NJTSS-ER, three levels of training are available:

  • Level 1 – Online learning courses, tools, and resources available to all districts.
  • Level 2 – Webinars and in-person training events, some with capacity limits.
  • Level 3 – Intensive coaching from state-level coaches (must contact us to apply).

Online Learning Courses

Free online learning courses are available to build knowledge and capacity to implement components of NJTSS-ER.

These brief courses are accessible from this website and only require that learners create login credentials.

Online Learning Courses Library

Foundational Knowledge

Team-Based Early Prevention

Explores the importance of a comprehensive system to prevent early reading difficulties.

Prerequisites: None


Assessment & Data-Based Decision Making

Addresses the need to use appropriately-selected assessment to guide instructional decision-making.

Prerequisites: Team-Base Early Prevention


Research-Based Priority Early Reading Skills

Introduces the science behind early reading skill development and instruction designed to support it.

Prerequisites: Team-Base Early Prevention; Assessment & Data-Based Decision Making


Essential Components

Universal Screening

Explores the use of universal screening to determine the effectiveness of core instruction and need for student support.

Prerequisites: All Foundational Knowledge courses


Tier 1 Instruction

Provides an introduction to elements of effective evidence-based core instruction.

Prerequisites: All Foundational Knowledge courses, Universal Screening



Builds foundational knowledge pertaining to diagnostic assessments.

Prerequisites: All Foundational Knowledge courses, Universal Screening, Tier 1 Instruction

Coming Soon: Additional courses on Diagnostics, Tier 2/3 Intervention, and Progress Monitoring.

In-Person Training & Webinars

Trainings are available to support leaders and instructional staff in planning and building capacity for NJTSS-ER.

Trainings provide opportunities to apply skills to address local needs.

“The training and coaching support we have received in our district has been unique in providing us with the knowledge and tools to integrate a tiered system of supports.”

–Director of Curriculum and Instruction, NJ School District

Schools must apply to receive support from state-level coaches.

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